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Bernina “The Noble”
Piz Bernina is the name of the highest mountain in our valley which peaks at 4048 metres above sea-level.

A blend of 100 % Arabica beans from Indonesia, Central America and Brazil. Medium strength with a mild and fine taste.



Engiadina “The Allrounder”
Engiadina is the local name of the Engadine-Valley which is Cafè Badilatti`s lovely mountain home.

A blend of 90 % Arabica and 10 % Robusta coffee originating from India, Central America and Brazil. Engiadina is a middle blend with profound aroma and suitable for milky coffees as well as for espressos.


Espresso Bar “All`Italiana” 

The name and taste of this coffee transports its drinker directly to the sights and sounds of an Italian bar...Ciao!

A blend of 80 % Arabica and 20 % Robusta originating from India, Central America and Brazil. A dark blend with an intensive taste, the perfect one for an espresso or a ristretto.



Espresso "Bio & Max Havelaar"

This coffee consists of organic Arabica coffee from Peru, Bolivia and Mexico as well as organic Robusta from East Africa all crops also certified with the internationally known Max Havelaar certification for Fair Trade.

The long roasting time of this blend creates an intensiv flavour that reminds of black berries. With its strong yet not bitter taste this blend is ideal for Italian like espresso. You will enjoy the full body of this high-quality and enviromental friendly coffee, which fulfills all expectations!


Gourmetto “The Special”, organic coffee   
The name Gourmetto comes from gourmet and means pure enjoyment.

A blend of 100 % organic and fair trade coffee that grows in Central America and North Sumatra. A dark blend with a spicy and rich taste.



Allegra - Max Havelaar Fairtrade 
This blend contains only the best fairtrade coffee beans from Central America, Brazil and robusta from India.




Albana "The Universal"

80 % Arabica and 20 % Robusta coffee from India, Central America and Brazil.

This coffee is a real allrounder with character.



St. Moritz Café “Pure luxury blend”
This exhilarating blend of Central America’s finest Arabica coffee beans will make you see "the Top of the World".



Dormabain “The decaffeinated one”
The word dormabain means “sleep well” in the local Romanche language and assures you a quiet night without having to miss out on a good cup of coffee.

A blend of 100 % Arabica coffee from Central America and East Africa.
Mild and decaffeinated with a pleasant taste.





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