How to prepare the perfect coffee

It doesn’t matter if you are using a coffee machine to prepare your coffee, a coffee-filter, an Italian espresso stove-top brewer or if you pour boiling water over your instant coffee, in the end it is your love for the coffee that defines its quality. Here are a few tips that might help…


Filter-coffee / percolator

The norm is 40 g of coffee-powder to a litre of water. The milling should not be too fine and the water temperature should be between 88°C and 93°C.


Espresso stove-top brewer

Same rules as above for your filter-coffee, only the coffee powder should be milled a little bit finer.


Coffee- and espresso machines

- the machine must be well maintained, e.g. be regularly decalcified and properly cleaned.
- The water should not be hotter then 92°C, otherwise it will scald the coffee which might lose its aroma and taste bitter.
- Pay attention to the correct adjustment of the coffee grinder: dark, strong coffee blends need a rough milling adjustment, mild and lighter blends a finer one. The coffee should flow light-coloured and regularly through the machine and form a thick cream on the surface of the cup.
- The cups should always be warmed before making a coffee, so that the liquid does not cool down when coming in contact with the cup.






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