Health and Coffee

The topic leads to much discussion, on the one side, the belief that the caffeine content of coffee is unhealthy and on the other side, new scientific studies that show that moderate caffeine consumption is beneficial on many levels. We will try to clear up some of these contradictions below:


In very high doses, caffeine is poisonous for humans, but 3 – 4 cups of coffee a day (300 – 400 milligrams of caffeine) is a completely harmless amount for an adult person. While the effect of caffeine differs from person to person there is no need to reject its benefits.


Coffee and dehydration
It is a fact that coffee has a dehydrating effect on the body but this consequence diminishes with regular drinking.  This effect is on the other hand balanced by the high water percentage absorbed in daily coffee consumption.


Caffeine Effects
Three facts:
- Latest clinical tests show that coffee drinking does not lead to an increase in blood pressure.
- The analysis between coffee drinking and heart disease shows no increased risk from a moderate daily consumption.
- A regular and moderate coffee intake has a positive effect on the nervous system and increases mental alertness.


Coffee and the stomach

More facts:

-Caffeine increases the production of bile and gastric acids, although a sensitive digestion and drinking coffee on an empty stomach may lead to a light stomach-ache.
-Coffee stimulates digestion after a meal which leads generally to increased productivity.
-A high caffeine intake may lead to a temporary uneasiness in the body.
-Caffeine is added to various medicines because of its pain reducing properties and its ability to help absorb different chemical agents.


Coffee positive
Various studies show that coffee consumption diminishes the risk of chronic diseases like diabetes, Parkinson, liver problems and gout. 

(source: Procafe Switzerland)




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