How best to preserve coffee

Vacuumed coffee packets:

Can be kept unopened for up to 14 months after packing.
Store in a cool and dark place.


Open packets:

Once open, the coffee should be consumed within 2 to 3 weeks and  preferably stored well-sealed in a refrigerator. After this period the coffee is still enjoyable but loses its optimum quality and taste.


Ground coffee:

Coffee loses its aroma faster when it is ground, therefore it is advisable to buy ground coffee in small amounts and to consume it within 2 -3 weeks.


Coffee beans:

Never fill your coffee machine with too many beans as a constant warming-up of the product will affect the quality. Heat causes the roasted bean to sweat slightly and can give a rancid taste to the coffee.
So, fill the machine sparingly, seal the packet well and store it in your refrigerator.




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