Over a thousand years of history

If one believes in one of the many legends, then it was not humans but goats who discovered coffee. This happened in Ethiopia, around the year 850 AD. One evening it struck Ethiopian monks in their cloister stall that their goats never got tired and the monks also discovered that the animals had eaten strange fruits from a green bush. Having got curious the monks tasted the dark-red cherries but since these didn’t taste of anything at all, threw the beans into the fire.

Almost immediately, a deep aromatic smell rose out of the fire where the tasteless beans were roasting and the monks quickly extinguished the fire and produced a drink out of the burned beans. From then on the monks had found a drink to keep them awake for their night time prayers.



Triumphal procession to Europe

In the 16th century coffee travelled over Arabia and Mecca to Cairo and Constantinople, the Istanbul of today, where the first coffee shops were opened for ordinary people. In 1615 the first coffee bags were shipped to Europe.

In 1683 the Turquish conquerors had to leave Vienna in a hurry after having been defeated and left 500 bags of coffee behind, but this was Vienna’s lucky chance, and the beginning of the famous Austrian coffeehouse culture.

From this point onwards nothing could hold back the triumphal procession of coffee in Europe and later in the whole world. Today, it`s hard to imagine our lives without a good cup of coffee!




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